Pick The Best Material For Your Garage Doors!

While building a house, most of us give great importance to just the front door. We often forget to think about the garage doors. Garages are the areas that are exclusively built to protect and park the vehicles. Hence, the doors of a garage have to be sturdy enough so that the vehicle remains protected from adverse climatic conditions and also from burglars trying to steal the vehicle. There are experts like WA Roller Doors who provide top class materials for building the garage doors. You can also check out the tips on maintenance and repair works needed for garage doors at www.hometips.com/repair-fix/garage-door-maintenance.html.

Here is a list of the materials you can choose for building the garage doors:

The Most Popular Option- Steel!
Steel undoubtedly tops the list as it is one of the most common choices for building a garage door. It is extremely durable, requires very less maintenance and is available easily in any style of your choice. It is also priced at reasonable rates and hence is the most popular choice of all. Another advantage is that it can be painted in any color of your choice. It is even available in textures that look just like wood.

Still, one major drawback of steel doors is that it is a poor insulator. Insulated doors are the best way to save energy and reduce noises. Steel doors are available in varying thicknesses. The low-cost ones have thin panels made of 27 to 28-gauge steel. These are the best low-cost options available, but it will not be able to withstand strong impacts on the door. For example, it will not be able to withstand the strong hit of basketball.

The middle-level thickness options are 25 to 26-gauge steel doors. Note the point that lower the number of gauge, thicker will be the steel. Best quality steel doors will use 24-gauge sheets of steel. The commercial ones use even thicker steel doors. There are also garage doors with thicker steel on the outside than the insides.

Aluminum- Lighter And Less Costly!
Aluminum is also one of the most commonly used materials as these are even less costly than steel. It is also lighter in weight. It shares almost the same features of steel doors and can be given long-lasting beautiful finishes with colorful paints and painted to look like wood. The main disadvantage of using aluminum doors is that it has more chances to have dents on the surface.

Wood- The Best Traditional Choice!
Earlier, all the garage doors were made of wood. Even now, wood is still the most preferred option for anyone who loves the traditional styles and looks. Wood doors are available in a wide variety of styles and can also incorporate windows in it. The most economical option is to opt for wood that is painted and built with panels of hardboard. The stain-grade ones’ cost much more, but it gives the original warmth and feels of a wooden door. It also plays an important role in uplifting the curb appeals of your house.

Wood is a much better insulator than steel. Still, the insulated steel doors conserve energy much more than wood. Another drawback is that wood doors have to be maintained well and the refinishes have to be done on a regular basis. Hence, more maintenance is required for wooden doors.

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